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Concierge Customer Service

Our agency is small by design. This allows us to offer outstanding, personalized service to a select group of small business clients.

We are aware that a lot of small business owners don't want to get their hands dirty with web stuff or don't know how to; they need a design agency that will design for them and complete other needed tasks to establish their web presence. Our concierge customer service allows small business owners to focus on running their business, while we focus on all the digital stuff.

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Digital Design

Do you need graphic design for your business? Or Do you need a website to establish an online presence? Our team can help you get up and running in no time! Just let us know how we can help you and we work to make you happier than happy.​

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Custom Content

Are you at a loss for words? All thumbs around a camera? Clueless about video? If you need any of the above for your business we can help! Our team of creative professionals can write custom content and help you create beautiful visual assets that are unique to your business. 

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Shared Marketing

Advertising is the life blood of any business, but for a small businesses, costs can be prohibitive. Pink Pineapple has found a way to reduce those costs through shared marketing. Shared marketing makes advertising accessible to everyone and nobody has to be left out!

Some of the shared advertising products we offer are : shared marketing collaterals, advertising on Pink Pineapple publications, shared swag opportunities. Our goal is to make advertising a reality to local small businesses. We are sure we have a solution for you. Contact us, tell us about your goals and let's work together to make them a reality through consistent and focused advertising.


Swag Galore!

Clients love swag and the more you have out there, the more people will be reminded of your business on a daily basis.

We help you choose promotional items that fit your business and provide them to you in bulk quantities at an affordable price. With The Pink Pineapple you will get a lot of swag for your buck !

Tell us about your project!

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